Mantra Energy Management Ltd

Mantra Energy Management Ltd

 Vacuum tube solar panel collectors for hot water and central heating systems.  Top quality to EU standard & environmentally friendly.

Direct to TRADE and Domestic Customers

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we are your route to cost efficient and effective
commercial and domestic energy management.

Mantra Energy Management is a UK company based in Lancashire  specializing in the supply of vacuum-tube solar heating systems.  From a single panel to a full system.


Tel/Fax +44 (0)1942 812932

Avon Business & Leisure Centre solar system panels as fitted by Mantra

Vacuum-tube systems have minimal running and maintainance costs, are available for sloping and flat roofs.  Grants may be available for installation.  Click on this BERR link for more information.

Commercial enterprises, Public Authorities and domestic households can significantly offset hot water and space heating costs.  Reducing carbon footprints by adding our highly efficient solar panels to fossil fuel burning boilers that will pre-heat water so the boiler does not have to work as hard.  As a result, you will benefit from greatly reduced running costs.

Fuel and Gas costs have spiralled, greatly affecting profit margins and household fuel bills.  It is time for us all to act to reduce these costs.

Adding solar energy supply to your business or household will:

  • Reduce energy bills;
  • Increase business sustainability;
  • Lower domestic & manufacturing carbon footprints;
  • Minimize atmospheric pollution;
  • Increase Household Information Pack rating; 
  • Produce energy that does not contribute to Global Warming.

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A Private Limited Company:  Number 3154103

VAT Registered: 673401546

Mantra Energy Management

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