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About Mantra

Mantra Energy Management was founded in 1996 and is based in Westhoughton, Lancashire.  In the last few years it has become obvious that ecologically sound energy sources such as solar energy are the future, as oil and gas prices remain high.  It is certain that those prices are not going to drop back to levels seen at the start of this decade.  So, some very serious re-evaluation of utility expenditure will need to be done very soon.  It can be bought at ever increasing cost or can be offset through creating our own capacity and limiting the use of external power generation.  More so for hotels, high occupancy or guest houses and, company, council or apartment premises.  In fact any property with high level hot water and space heating demands.  On that basis Mantra Energy Management Limited has branched out from the geophysical into the solar energy business.  It is quite literally the only way to go, and the answer has been hitting us on the head if wed only look up and realise what was on offer.  Solar energy is sustainable; it is passive and noiseless unlike wind power; it is clean and it is free at source.  With the right equipment it will significantly reduce home and business energy bills, which is why you are looking at this website.
Mantra Energy Management is not a fitment or sales company, there is no hard selling.  Our position is purely the supply of solar hot water heating technology and peripheral equipment to domestic, commercial or trade customers.  Although we do install if required.  You phone or eMail us, we can tell you what we have on offer.  If you like what you hear, and see on this website, then the choice is yours.  The products we stock are built to EU standards.
    We can supply from single panels of varying sizes to complete solar assembly kits for installation to a home or business, helping you to recoup money spent on heating water and your premises.  After all, no one likes to throw money away, and less still pay increasing VAT contributions to an exchequer whose take is already very substantial.

Mantra Energy Management

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