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Costs Table

This table shows the main suppliers of utilties to the UK general public.  To work out your own bill get four consecutive quarterly utility bills, preferably including the latest quarter.  Then with a calculator complete the following:

1. Tap in the total of the four quarterly bills.

2. Now divide by 1 point, followed by the % increase figure without the second decimal place.

Eg.  864.37 divided by 1.9498 (for a Scottish Power customer)

Answer:  In Jan 2003 that customers bill would have been 443.31 using the same amount of energy.

Or 421.06 more this year

Don't forget the price has gone up each year since 2003, the 421.06 figure is for this year, not the previous 3 years as follows:

2003-4 = 125 more

2004-5 = 300 more

2005-6 = 425 more and so it goes on.

Convinced yet?

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