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Heating Water

Why Use Solar Panels?

There is a very easy answer.

Stock Market and Home Heating Oil price trends

If you heat water or use hot water to power your space heating it will save you money.  Look at the graphs, the cost of heating oil even with the dramatic drop in gas and oil prices is still about the same as in March 2008.  The strength of the US$ to the GB£ means oil and gas are about 30% dearer too.  Gas retail costs have also dramatically and substantially increased and remain double the actual cost the supplier is paying (Dec 2008).  A sustained cold snap through this winter will see UK prices for gas and heating oil rise substantially as will a reduction in production from oil production Nations (OPEC).

The result is energy poverty for the low income house hold, and reduced retained spending power for the financially secure.
You also pay VAT on gas, oil and electricity.
It is one of the reasons why there is a lot of talk about renewable energy but not much help coming from the Exchequer.

In the UK most energy usage, approximately 84% of total, goes in central and hot water heating as the pie-chart below shows.

Any saving in this area is going to be significant, hence the increasing importance of exploiting solar energy.
Most of the UK suppliers quote saving the planet and doing your bit as the main reason for fitting solar power.  However, when the first winter utility bills coming in, it won’t be how much carbon output have I saved that matters, it will be how much money have I saved.  Then the benefits of solar heated hot water technology will be seen and no longer ignored.  Any savings on usage and VAT are going to be very welcome indeed, although a personal commitment to help save the deminishing resources of planet Earth is very important and does have a feel good factor.

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