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We can supply a variety of solar hot water heating collectors to EU standards and the other contributing equipment.  You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference in cost we can make, which will directly benefit you.

Please note: The absorbing area is the part of the collector that actively absorbs solar energy.  For solar tubes it is defined as the cross-section area of the inner tube and is measured using the outside diameter.  (Eg. 0.047 x 1.72m = 0.08m.sq for a 58mm/1800mm tube).
The aperture area is the part of the collector through which solar energy enters and refers to the cross-section surface area of the outer clear glass tube measured using the internal diameter, not the outside diameter.  Some companies do not make this clear.

Twin glass vacuum tube collector, pictured above uses an internal copper heat transfer element.  This component is suited to northern climates and can be fitted in multiple units.  Reliable, efficient and constructed in corrosion resistant silver brazed stainless steel (grade 304-2b) or aluminium with an aluminium manifold cover and tested to EN12975-2 standard.  It is available without the flat roof frame for an inclined roof.

Absorbing   Aperture     
Area (m2)   Area (m2)  Diameter    Length     Tube  Price Inc VAT
1.44           1.71           Φ 58mm     1800mm   18     330.69
1.60           1.90           Φ 58mm     1800mm   20     349.99
1.92           2.28           Φ 58mm     1800mm   24     434.03
2.40           2.85           Φ 58mm     1800mm   30     499.99                   

4. Tanks.  Sold as part of complete system

Single coil 300 litre

Twin coil 300 litre

5.  Complete solar kits are also available comprising panels, a twin  or single coil hot water tank, control unit, pump and temperature switches(as pictured above).  In fact everything required for a complete and functional solar hot water system (apart from the pipework!) and at very competitive prices.

Please also note:  There are two types of systems.  These are known as open or closed loop systems. 

In an open circuit system, water flows directly through the solar collectors, into the storage tank and then through pipes into your home.

In a closed circuit system a fluid other than water flows through the collectors, picks up heat from the sun, and transfers this heat to water in the storage tank through a heat exchanger.

Closed circuit systems are most commonly used for frost protection (see above). A fluid with a lower freezing point than water is used to avoid ice formation in the solar collectors.

Some closed circuit systems pump hot water through the collectors when temperatures approach freezing. This lowers efficiency significantly. Avoid systems with this feature.

It is important to know what type of system you have and, what type of boiler is fitted to your hot water system before purchase, because some boilers can not be converted to work with a heated hot water input.

Mantra Energy Management therefore strongly suggests you contact a qualified plumber or your boiler manufacturer to find out what is appropriate for you before purchasing.

5.  Other sizes and combinations of panels and tanks can be obtained on special order.

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